Tribe Açaí

The Tribe brand was created based on the premise of making the Açaí’s exceptional properties, known and available to the public, with proven health benefits. 


GlobalTribe was born in 2016, with the mission of making known the proven qualities of the Amazonian products. 

Synergies were created at the origin (Brazil), which allowed the conception of a unique product, with exceptional quality, developed by suitably qualified food engineers. Thus, began to be produced the preparation of Tribe’s Açaí, combining the original purity of the fruit with an exclusive and exquisite taste. 

Since then, the focus has been on ensuring the excellence of the products sold and being a reference for customers, with regard to satisfaction. 

The future presents itself challenging, but consolidated, in the certainty that the best is yet to come. 


Transparency in execution
Quality excellence

Social and Environmental Responsibility

GlobalTribe, allied with the best local partners – PALAMAZ and BELLAMAZON, our suppliers of pure/raw Açaí, ethically contributes to sustainable local development, respecting both the environment, which we are part of and where our products come from, as well as its local population. 

Environmental Responsibility

The cultivation and harvest of our Açaí are done manually and naturally, applying the agricultural practices used for centuries by the natives of the region, in perfect harmony with nature, cherishing local knowledge and culture. 

We cultivate Biological Açaí, with traceability and free of any chemical substance (ECOCERT Certified). The environment provides natural fertilizers resulting from the clogging of particles in suspension in the waters of the Amazon River. 

Social responsibility

The international consumption of Açaí contributes to the prosperity of the riverside local people by making them not exclusively dependent on fishing. 

Our production and processing of Açaí generates direct and indirect jobs, supporting a healthy social-economic development. 

Educational and awareness-raising actions are organized along with schools to encourage the preservation of the rainforest and value the wealth generated by the environment. 

Cultural and Sport Events

Annually, in Codajás, about 300 km West from Manaus, the so-called Açaí Festival is celebrated, in honour of the “Superfruit”, during which the Queen of Açaí is elected. PALAMAZ sponsors the festival. 

In order to actively encourage the young generations to practice sports and motivate them to live a healthy living, BELLAMAZON sponsors the local football team.