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Tribe’s Açaí Guaraná is made from the biological pulp of the Açaí berry. It is nutritionally complete and balanced, respecting the original purity of the fruit. With a homogeneous and smooth texture, and a very pleasant taste, it stands out for not containing preservatives and presenting a reduced percentage of additives, all natural. It is presented in two types of products: Liquid and Frozen. 

Liquid Blend

Açaí with Guaraná 5 kg

Unique in the Market

Packaging units: 4 x 5 kg

In search of differentiation, Tribe, through its Innovation department, developed the First Liquid Açaí on the Market, adapted to the soft ice-cream machine. 

After long research, our food engineers, always maintaining the original qualities of the fruit, gathered the conditions for the launch of the First Liquid Açaí on the Market.
In its liquid form, it was submitted to a heat treatment and aseptic packaging, being in microbiological stability. 
Ready to use, Tribe’s Açaí Blend is very versatile and becomes in the most delicious forms of presentation, such as smoothies, bowls or refreshing desserts. Tribe’s Açaí machine turns the Açaí blend into a full-bodied, fruity, velvety, fresh-tasting cream. 

Our 5 kg packages contain the Açaí blend in a liquid state at room temperature, which is an extraordinary and unique advantage compared to the competition:

  • it’s ready to use; 

  • can be transported and stored at room temperature; 

  • due to its quick preparation, it is ideal for healthy food “chains”; 

  • it is very versatile, which provides a high rate of profitability. 


açaí líquido

Make your business profitable

(with Tribe's practical Açaí machine)

Machine dimensions: 13 cm wide x 37.5 cm deep x 45.5 cm high 

Manufactured to the best quality criteria, this machine ensures that the Açaí blend maintains its original properties. 

In order to offer you a wide range of products to make availale to your customers, Tribe provides you the machine that, in a practical and simple way, transforms the Açaí blend into a cream that can be used to prepare the most delicious smoothies, bowls, meals and desserts. 

Tribe’s Açaí is not only tasty, nutritious and healthy… but it is also very easy to prepare: the preparation time of 1 bowl, using frozen Açaí (from our competitors), translates into 5 bowls of delicious cream quickly prepared by Tribe’s machine. 

This solution will provide you with a very desirable profit margin that will help you increase your sales. 


Granola toasted and sweetened with honey

Packaging units: 8 x 1 kg

Our granola, prepared from a mixture of whole grains, contains a high content of fibres and minerals. Toasted and enriched with honey and apple, Tribe’s granola is the perfect combination for our Açaí cream or our Açaí sorbet. 

Sorvete Açaí Box

Sorbet Açaí Box

Packaging units: 4 x 2.5 L

Prepared from Tribe’s organic Açaí pulp, this is an ready to consume sorbet, with a fruity flavour and a very smooth texture. 



In small and large sizes

Packaging units:
Small Cups (100 – 120 g of Açaí) – 43 units
Large Cups (160 – 180 g of Açaí) – 60 units 

Our cups, designed with beautiful Amazonian lacy, are a valuable help in dosing the product, and most importantly, help you manage your profit margin on sales.