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Sport Practice

Açaí is the fruit of the athletes’ choice! Why? Because it is rich in fiber, proteins, vitamins, and with high concentration of mineral salts, such as iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and calcium. 

Its main properties are muscle regeneration, the prevention of cramps, the fight against physical wear and aid the athlete’s performance, being a strong ally for those who want to develop or maintain good physical fitness. 

Active Life

Day-to-day demands often cause a high physical and mental strain. And “being up to it” isn’t always easy. Açaí is a powerful ally to a life that claims the best of you! 

Thanks to its composition rich in iron, phosphorus, calcium, high fiber content and other vitamins essential to the body, this fruit stands out in combating daily fatigue, controlling the digestive system, and regulating the intestinal flora, hormonal balance, integrity of bones and teeth, the proper functioning of the kidneys and the maintenance of brain functions. 

Açaí is also suitable for those who adopt dietary weight loss programs, its low glycemic index and fibers give it the feeling of satiety for longer but does not stop providing the nutrients needed for a balanced diet. 


Açaí actively contributes to the prevention of coronary heart disease and chronic degenerative diseases, by the extraordinary contribution to the arteries and brain. 

Making blood circulation more fluid, this superfood acts in the prevention of clots and hypertension, and the high content of essential fatty acids and mono and polyunsaturated lipids, promotes cholesterol reduction and protects the heart. 

Also containing a relevant concentration of potassium, Açaí becomes a powerful aid for the relaxation of muscles, preventing pain and fighting their weakness. Additionally, this magnificent fruit properties are attributed to anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerogenic. 


The needs inherent in child growth are many and well known. To face them nothing more appropriate than a healthy and nutritionally complete fruit. 

Açaí is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, contains a high protein index and is an extraordinary source of vitamins, namely vitamin C and vitamins B1 and B2. 

Due to these components, Açaí contributes to the formation of healthy bones and teeth, to the preservation of the immune system, to the development and proper functioning of the nervous system, maintains the health of the eyes, the skin and the mouth and promotes the increase of energy in the body and influences blood clotting and the formation of nerve cells. 

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