Ice Cream Maker

1 x Ice Cream Maker

This Pack contains one Ice Cream Maker, through which you can prepare your Açaí in very little time and in the consistency you want.

Join the Tribe and prepare your Açaí in the comfort of your home!


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Nutritional Information

Once opened, the product must be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within 5-7 days.
Açaí na tijela

Açaí Blend in Aseptic Bag is a Unique Product on the Market, without dyes or preservatives, which presents: 

• Quick preparation
• Nice texture
• Taste-adjustable consistency
• Easy storage 

Considering the versatility of this liquid preparation, you can consume it in several ways:

A unique, practical, and flavor-rich experience!

Tribe's Ice Cream Maker

In search of differentiation, TRIBE launches the First Liquid Açaí of the Market for the final consumer and an Ice Cream Maker so that you can prepare your Açaí blend into a full-bodied, fruity, velvety, and fresh-tasting cream. 

Ready to use, Açaí blend is very versatile and becomes the most delicious forms of presentation, such as smoothies, bowls or refreshing desserts.