GLOBALTRIBE is a company specialized in the Açai commercialization all over Europe. We currently supply the main Açaí sales outlets in Portugal and we are also representatives of the main brazilian granola brand.

We intend to position ourselves in the european market by exploring the various existing tribes in order to become market leaders in what regards the consumption of the Açaí cream.

Like the local tribes, Tribe açaí aims to create and represent a community that identifies, advocates and practices these ideals.
We have the best Açaí cream on the market with a competitive price! This will always be our commitment to our customers: a serious bet on quality!

Tribe Açaí brand is based on the 3 pillars of nature – Hearth, Sea & Açaí. These pillars constitute our logo colours.

Earth symbolizes our origin, family and friends – our tribe!
The sea symbolizes the force of nature. it also represents the connection we have with sports.
Açaí, symbolizes the basis of healthy eating. the energy to live in a balanced and healthy way.

The brand also represents a concept of lifestyle characterized by a healthy physical and mental life.

We enjoy the late afternoons with friends. We privilege an active life through the practice of Sports. Nutritionally balanced meals are also at the basis of the tribe acai philosophy.